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Deb Saywell - The Unsuitable Podcast

The Unsuitable is the podcast of innovative Sydney clothing designer and manufacturer, Shane Ave. Founded by Deb Saywell, Shane Ave specialises in clothing for the Queer Community and the podcast is a natural extension of the business, presenting the stories of some of the world's most interesting people.

Deb never intended to become a podcaster but after hearing the stories of many of her clients she just knew she needed to share their tales with the world.

After spending 'more hours than I care to admit' searching the 'How To Podcast' corners of the internet, Deb said finding Sydney Podcast School was a saviour.

"There's so much information out there and I'm sure most of it is good but it was just too much to try to wade through for a beginner," Deb says.

"Having the opportunity to sit with Rod and learn the process hands on has saved me an enormous amount of time and stress and has given me enough confidence to be able to record, edit and upload on my own.

"The course took all the confusion out of the technical side of things and has let me get on with what I really wanted to do which is to tell these amazing stories I hear every day through my work."

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