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Grow your skill set

In the rapidly changing digital world, media professionals need to keep up with constantly evolving technologies. For the modern journalist, marketing specialist or content creator, podcasting  - and audio - is a crucial part of the mix.

A rising tide

There are estimated to be more than 750,000 podcasts in the world and the number grows daily. While there is no doubt a 'fad' element to the current popularity of the medium it is also clear it is not going away any time soon. As a digital professional it seems a safe bet  you will be asked to produce or be a part of of a podcast at some point in your career. Will you be ready when the time comes?

Adding to the mix

If you're in digital media - be it marketing, content creation or some other area - you know there are several tools at your disposal to help create compelling stories. Just like video, images and text, audio can be a highly effective communication device and whether it is podcasting or simply adding sound to a story, the ability to record, edit and publish audio files is a meaningful addition to your content tool kit.

Specialised course for digital professionals

The Sydney Podcast Studios specialised training course for media professionals covers the areas you need to know without going over those you don't. For the purposes of this course, we leave out the basics you are already familiar with such as interviewing styles, basic podcast structure and how to write episode intros and show notes. Instead, we focus on more advanced recording and editing techniques to ensure your sound is always professional quality. You will learn how to capture the best possible audio no matter the recording environment, delve into the world of equipment and how to set up the ideal sound kit for your needs and - equally importantly -  how to avoid some basic pitfalls. Also covered are more advanced editing techniques which will allow  your imagination run free and create the sort of audio even long time professionals would be pleased with. For costs and availability see the pricing tab.