Hands on school for podcast newbies.
Studio hire for podcast professionals

Studio Hire


No gear? No worries

If you'd like to experiment with producing a podcast but don't want to invest in all the equipment up front perhaps hiring our studio for the first few episodes is the answer.

For all sorts of reasons, many podcasts don't make it beyond seven episodes so running a trial for a few weeks makes sense.

One stop podcast shop

Our studio is always set up and ready to record, all you have to do is power up and start talking. Record your episode then take the raw file with you to edit and upload yourself or we can do all the post production for you and deliver a show ready to be published.

For travelers

If you're an out of town podcaster and need somewhere to record we've got the perfect venue. We've got mics, mixers and digital recorders to cover any eventuality including wi-fi if you need to bring in co-hosts or guests on Skype.