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State of the Game


State of the Game was one of the first and is still considered one of the best golf podcasts in the world. Hosted by respected blogger and Golf Channel regular Geoff Shackelford, former European Tour player turned course architect Mike Clayton and long time golf writer Rod Morri this is ‘the golf podcast that talks about stuff that matters.’

TalkinGolf History


The podcast that started it all. TalkinGolf was among the very first online audio offerings in the game and after an extended break we’re back. Rebranded as TalkinGolf History, this fortnightly show is anything but dry as co-hosts Rod Morri and Connor Lewis focus on the fun aspects of the game’s past.

Feed The Ball


There are podcasts, there is course architecture talk and then there is Feed The Ball. Derek Duncan has become the gold standard in golf course architect interviews and his regular episodes create plenty of discussion. If you’re interested in course architecture and you’re not yet subscribing to this podcast, you’re doing it all wrong.



Since its inception in 2017 the ISG Podcast has become a mainstay in the feeds of golfers worldwide. Covering an eclectic mix of topics from course architecture to the game’s history and the always popular Book Club, there’s never a dull moment on this popular pod.