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Podcast School For Beginners


Getting started

One of the great appeals of podcasting is that anybody can learn to do it. The equipment required is relatively cheap and you can quickly learn all the skill required to get started.

But that doesn't mean it's easy. Like driving a car, all the steps are straightforward - once you know how and tat's where Sydney Podcast Schools comes in.

Nothing beats hands on

There are countless on line 'How to start a podcast' courses and most have good information and good instructors who know the subject well. But like all things digital, the main let down of on line learning is that it is predominantly one way communication. 

If you have a question it can take hours or even days for it to be answered and even then, without the actual equipment in front of you, it's hard to be certain you have understood the answer.

With access to all the equipment necessary to produce a podcast, the Sydney Podcast Studios Podcast School lets you learn by trial and error in real time.

Not sure how much 'Gain' a microphone needs?' Turn the dial and see what happens! How would your voice sound if you turned up the bass to the max? Do it and see!

Being on site with access to our professional recording equipment and trained staff accelerates the learning process and only ads to your own confidence when the time comes to record on your own.

What others have said

Deb Saywell - The Unsuitable Podcast: I spent hours surfing the web, watching video tutorials and looking at lists of equipment to buy to start a podcast and frankly, I ended the process more confused than when I started. When I finally saw Rod at Sydney Podcast Studios it was like a weight had been lifted. I was immediately put at ease as Rod walked me thought the process - step by step - of how to set up and run my own podcast. I was able to purchase equipment with confidence and had first hand experience of each item before I handed over any of my hard earned money. The time I saved, and the confidence I gained, by doing the course instead of trying to teach myself is immeasurable. I would recommend anybody interested in dabbling in podcasting to do the Sydney Podcast Studios course.

The nuts and bolts

The Sydney Podcast Studios Beginners course encompasses eight hours of instruction and recording run over four weeks (though can be flexible). Class times are organised to suit students with most preferring either early morning or evening classes to fit in with work. There are discounts available for group bookings though numbers are limited to a maximum of three per class.

What you get

The first two sessions are devoted to learning the basics of recording and editing sound. This is the most important step in the podcasting process as the ability to capture good quality sound will dictate, to a large extent, the success or otherwise of your podcast. You will become familiar with microphones and digital recorders, learn basic microphone technique as well as the art of multi track recording. You'll also learn basic editing, how to add intro and outdo music plus other tips and tricks that will ensure you publish a sound file that is almost equal in quality to broadcast radio.

The third session is designed to get your podcast set up including finding an audio file hots, creating cover art work, generating an RSS Feed and submitting your show to podcast providers including google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The final two hours are split over two sessions and will see you record your first two episodes on site at the St Leonards studio and overseen by Rod Morri.

Recording your first interview, be it in person or over Skype (we recommend using these two sessions to record one of each) can be a daunting prospect but with Rod there to guide you will have it mastered in no time.


For a full list of prices and services visit the Pricing page. The Basic beginner's course is $550, including GST, though extra classes are available in areas such as Interviewing Technique, Basic Structuring of your podcast, Writing Episode Introductions and the art of Show Notes.