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Why Podcasting?


Podcasting is taking the world by storm

You know you need to be a part of the podcast movement but where to start? That's where Sydney Podcast Studios can help. Whether you want your show fully produced or to learn how to do it yourself, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to make your podcast a reality. If you can create and edit a word document on your computer, you're tech savvy enough to make your own podcast.

Let us show you how.


Learn to DIY

One of the great advantages of podcasting is that it is cheap to set up and with minimal training you can learn to master the entire process yourself. At Sydney Podcast Studios we can handle every step of the production process for you but for most podcasters the aim is to do it themselves and that's where our passion lies. From advice on what equipment to buy (and not buy!) to how best to use it, we'll have you sharing your story with the world - on your terms - in no time. We can come to you for one on one consulting and/or recording or you can join us in our Sydney studio for one of our four week beginner classes (see below).


Business or pleasure?

There are as many reasons for podcasting as there are people making podcasts. But whether it be for business or pleasure, there are a few things you need to get right if you want others to tune in. From sound levels to recording quality, we can help make sure your show sounds good enough to listen to. With so many choices now available (there are estimated to be almost 700,000 podcast in existence) people will simply turn off if your sound quality is not good. At Sydney Podcast Studios we teach you how to get the small stuff right so you can concentrate on the big stuff.

School's in

We run regular 'Learn to Podcast' classes at our specialised studio in Sydney for those keen on learning how to DIY. This hands on training gives you access to all the equipment required to produce and publish your own podcast. By the end of the four week course you will be ready to record edit, publish and distribute your own show. Check the calendar below for upcoming classes. (Maximum of three students per class). Each session is two hours in length for a total of 8 hours, cost is $400.

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